Automotive Solutions

Ever been stranded with a flat tyre, broken down engine, or just a dirty car? Stukk is your ultimate solution to get anything your vehicle needs right up to where it is.

Ease of Use

No need to look for the phone number of multiple service providers, call anyone, or give away complex directions. With a few clicks the app will track where you are and bring the required service to you.


Enterprise Solutions

Stukk isn’t just for the consumer. With a comprehensive platform to run company fleets, we provide a business all the required tools to manage it’s vehicles, track their locations at any given time, ensure fleet efficiency and reduce general costs and missed opportunities!

Who We Are?

Based out of Dubai & New York, Stukk is an innovative platform that provides services both to the average user, as well as to any business that operates fleets of vehicles.Need your flat tire fixed or want to get your car picked up to be taken for routine servicing? All these features and more can be operated through the app with a few clicks. Companies operating vehicle fleets also get tools to manage and monitor those fleets, accept and assign jobs, as well as automate processes that were previously manually done to achieve super-efficiency for their business in general.

If you’re interested...

Drop us a message and let us know if you want to try it out, partner up or even invest! We’re more than happy to find new partners for our service.